Friday, December 10, 2010

Sonam Kapoor Exclusive!

Ok so recently I got the chance to interview Sonam Kapoor,and boy was I kicked.Ever since 'Aisha' she's pretty much been my favourite (when it comes to sartorial choices that is,she still can't act to save her life though).So she was sweet and all that and well aware of her design terminology,apart from being drop dead gorgeous(she really is,though toning those ginourmous thighs and butt wouldn't hurt).She sure worked the crowd,what with journalists swooning over her every word.So the interview did'nt reveal to me anything that i didn't already know(or could have predicted) about her,but this fun little rapid fire of sorts did lead to a few revelations that kinda surprised on,

From the following options , choose one:

Sartorial Diary: Blair Waldorf or Betty Draper?
Sonam Kapoor: None.

(funny considering 'Aisha' pretty much seemed like an Indian version of 'Gossip Girl')

SD: Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelley?
SK: Audrey Hepburn.

(this would explain her classic feminine personal style)

SD: Herme's Birkin or Chanel 2.55 quilted bag?
SK: Chanel quilted bag

(I don't know why I even bothered asking this question since she's pretty much always seen carrying different versions of the 2.55)

SD: Madonna or Lady Gaga?
SK: Madonna

(she was quite unimpressed with Gaga's avante garde fashion choices,saying it had all been done before, and made this very evident)

SD: Facebook or Twitter?
SK: Both are equally entertaining.

(is she even on Facebook?)

SD: Blogs or magazines?
SK: Magazines because they are available online also.

(err I was kind of expecting her to give her opinion on which were more entertaining to read, and not whether they were accessible online)

So this tete-a-tete with the not so divine Miss Kapoor revealed to me a few things about her.Firstly, the way she talks makes her sound scarily similar to a certain air-headed blonde socialite(P Hil.,no points for guessing), and secondly she has a long way to go both in terms of acting abilities and learning the fine art of humility(which is indeed the true mark of a star,not necessarily of the acting variety)!

In an outfit designed by mum Sunita.Notice how the high waisted skirt is consderably tight around the hip-thigh area(ahem)

Go easy on the Hors d'oeuvres hon!


  1. woahh... that was something!
    do i see a kapoor fuming?! :P

  2. haha i can sense a twitter backlash.
    fyi others have been way meaner(and by others i mean shobha de')

  3. Hahah
    You're SO mean.
    I mean she really rocks my socks!
    And, I think the slight pretty-rich-spoilt girl is kinda sexy.
    But, that might just be me.

  4. slight pretty rich spoilt girl sounds good on paper,but can get way annoying after a point.
    i called it as i saw it,though i adore
    (i mean ADORE) her sartorial sense too!

  5. Wow, so cool that you got to interview her! She's undoubtedly the most well-dressed Indian celebrity!

    Also, I like your header a lot! Is that Lara Stone?

  6. thanks!!
    and yup,that be the gorgeous gap toothed Ms. Stone :P

  7. I have a fetish for gap-toothed peeps.