Tuesday, April 12, 2011

They all come here to find a scene But end up girls on methadrine Naked on a TV screen

Sorry for the lack of posts(and the lack of decent outfit posts),but as I mentioned i'm upto my neck in submissions,and because i'm in a professional design college, I can't get away with copying off my friends at the last minute and the perfectionist that I am(haha I still can't say that with a straight face),it takes me extra long to get everything just right!

Anyhow this post is not about the torture they put us through in college(I kid),but it is actually a post to introduce ya'll to my tumblr account.And so, without sounding like a tumblr obsessed maniac further ado, i'll let the pictures/gifs do the talking.For more awesomeness, check out my tumblr account here.

and oh,rihanna's back to her dirty(read: sexed up/dark) ways with her new single s&m.