Thursday, October 28, 2010

Street Fashion:Reloaded

Ok so rememeber the street fashion assignment I was supposed to do as a part of college?Well instead of shooting 'real' people on the streets, I decided to have a little faux photo shoot with my friends,and the nice person that I am(ahem),I'm sharing the results(which were way awesome btw) with all 7 of you(now how exactly do I go about getting more followers :P)

Rukmini and her new Burberry flats,sitting pretty next to her Juicy Couture carry-bag(which in my opinion is just as nice as the blue bag that came inside it)!

Girls just want to have fun?a little too much (drunken) fun if you ask me.Mallu/Aditi in her new found hotness!
black suede wedge peep toes-Aldo
grey peep toes with bow detail-Zara

Dressing up can be so much fun, haina?
'Aisha' eat your heart out!

Safari chic anyone?
Mallu channeling her inner bohemian.

I styled the shoot, and shot a few of the pictures with Rukmini Kapoor(future creative genius I tell you).
More pictures from the shoot to follow shortly.Until next time.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Men's Fashion Week?

It certainly seemed like it at day 2 of Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2011,what with the overdose of immaculately dressed men.Now don't get me wrong,the women looked nice too but they came nowhere close to the men.Save a few,they all looked like android copies of each other with their power shouldered blazers and mid waisted pants(which almost seems to have become a uniform of sorts for stylists/editors/pyt's).I mean, I see as well, if not better dressed women when I go clubbing.When I come to Fashion Week,I expect to be wowed by the level of sartorial genius on display(where is a Manish Arora loving Japanese buyer when you need one?),and day 2 left me wanting for more.Hopefully day 4 will be more eventful(when it comes to spotting some seriously stylish women that is)!

Adore the overcoat bow-tie/cravat combo and the Edward Cullen-esque hair on steroids!

Ok those Vans look-alike sneakers are to die for(seen to be believed).

Loving the rolled up sleeves and dishevelled hair.

Man of the hour:Mr. Gaurav J.

Jenjum totally pulling off the baby pink cardigan.

How cute is the bowler hat!

I want hair like that! Now!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Style Stars

Ok so 'People' magazine came out with their annual best dressed issue,and since I did'nt entirely agree with their choice of the ten best dressed(I mean while I do think Twinkle Khanna dresses well and what not,she is most certainly not THE best dressed celebrity India has to offer),so I decided to come up with my own list of India's most formidable dressers.

First on our list is stylist extraordinaire Nidhi Jacob.This woman makes everything from bad 80's hair to geeky glasses work for her.With her slouchy cardigans and floral skirts/dresses, Nidhi takes granny chic to a whole new level.

Next on our list is Roohi Jaikishen.If this woman looks this good at 40+,I can only imagine how smoking she must've been in her heyday.Roohi is not your run of the mill socialite/industrialist's wife and hence steers clear of logo emblazoned handbags and tacky shiny designer garb.Instead she opts for age appropriate ensembles accessorised with statement pieces.

Priya Kishore deserves to be on this list for her hair do alone.I mean who else can pull off a Rihanna-esque shaved-off from the sides mohawk so effortlessly.This elfin beauty can make the simplest of tank tops and mid waisted dhoti pants look extremely elegant,teaming them with quirky jewelery and accessories(courtesy her store Bombay Electric I'm guessing).

(the one on the right,like duh)

Next we have Delhi's very own blue eyed boy,Vogue India's junior fashion editor Edward Lalrempuiia.In my opinion,he's popularized the whole preppy look in India(or in Delhi atleast),and that is why nowadays you see every second person sporting horn rimmed glasses and rolled up sleeves.While I think that Mr. Lalrempuiia is somewhat inspired by Karl Lagerfeld when it comes to dressing up,kudos to him for pulling it off,because like I say even imitating takes a lot of hard work(and good taste!)

Ok so when it comes to Sonam Kapoor,I really could'nt care less whether it's her own sense of style that shines through or her stylist's.Either way I love all most all of her sartorial choices(on screen or off).

And now since I am strapped for time and there are lots more seriously stylish celebrities and regular joes out there(like LOTS more),I will keep updating you on them in subsequent posts.So, peace out and until next time.