Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pocketful of Dreams

Call it childhood nostalgia or simply my need to sit back and unwind,i've always associated summers with vacations and a langurous pace of life.So about a month back I packed bag and baggage and headed back home, and as it turns out, a well deserved holiday is just what the doctor ordered.Now i've got to admit, that in the past couple of days, i've become a bit of a couch potatoe having gotten hooked to terribly cheesy yet widely entertaining shows such as 'Huge' and, brace yourself, 'The Fashionista Diaries'.And as much as I hate to admit it,I now can't do without my daily dose of the 'reality' series which features six young professionals trying to make it in the cut throat New York fashion scene.However what really drew me to the show was the presence of a certain Kathleen Pierce,VP of Public Relations,Flirt Cosmetics(or atleast she was way back in 2007, f.y.i. here in India we've gotten accustomed to watching shows that are a few seasons old).So anyway, Pierce is one of those bosses, who does'nt take pride in living up to the bitchy stereotype that most bosses in the fashion industry have come to have,and while she may be no Kelly Cutrone, she most certainly is a star in my books.Talking of things close to my heart, our humble little blog just completed one year.What started out as an exercise in voicing our opinion on pop culture and fashion has now culminated into somthing much bigger, and we could'nt have done it without all of you.Now before this starts to resemble a really sad acceptance speech of sorts, I'll wind up.Do tweet us or find us on Facebook to let us know what you think of the blog,posts, writing etc. or just drop in to say hello! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Down The Rabbit Hole

For the longest time, i've been fascinated with the wonderfully madcap world of 'Alice In Wonderland', not so much Tim Burton's special effects infested take on it, but rather Gwen Stefani's zany recreation of Wonderland in her 'Watchya waiting for' video.And while I may not understand rabbit analogies pertaining to certain sci-fi pop references(read:The Matrix's follow the white rabbit), I most certainly 'get' and love the thought behind the sentence 'down the rabbit hole', words which have the ability to magically transfer us to a place where playing dress up and indulging our every whim and fancy is of prime concern.And in today's scenario, I think the Harajuku girls best embody the essence of that philosophy, and as Antonio Marras, creative director of Kenzo, quite aptly put it, "it(Japan) is the last wonderland where anyone can feel like alice", so in the spirit of Alice and all things whimsical, i indulge my inner 'wonderlander' in what I call my homage to the Harajuku girls.Super kawaii? Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket