Friday, July 22, 2011

Pretty Reckless

The post title is a nod to my current favourite band that goes by the same name.It's fronted by Little J herself, Taylor Momsen, whose sartorial outings on Gossip Girl are totally lust-worthy. Talking of good girls gone bad,there's something to be said of girls who let their wild streaks get the better of them!I mean i'm all for women's lib and girls not being reduced to the stereotypical role that society expects from them and am a firm believer in the saying, 'people need dramatic examples to shake them out of their apathy', but in light of recent movies such as 'Bad Teacher' and 'Easy A' wherein the heroines are far from saintly and the Casey Anthony trial, I have to say that acting reckless and selling your soul to the devil isn'nt really worth the 60 minutes of fame, let alone 15.So let the acts be dramatic, but not to the extent where you find it difficult, to not only live down the incident, but also to live with yourself!
silver bomber jacket-topshop, black high waisted skirt-asos, white top- marks & spencer, bag-river island, lace up booties- london.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello, Goodbye.

The post title is actually kind of ironic, considering that this month you shall be seeing more of me.Like I mentioned earlier, I went back home for a bit, which gave me the opportunity to stock up on outfit posts, and hence you shall be seeing more of me,way more! Talking of goodbyes,I recently saw the series finale of 'The Hills' (like I mentioned here, in India we've gotten accustomed to watching shows that are a few seasons old). So anyways it feels like the end of an era, that began with the start of that other much loved Mtv show 'Laguna Beach'. Goodbyes are never easy, but in most cases almost inevitable.Hence we must learn to be more at ease with them.Now I shall put an end to this philosophical trip I am currently on, and leave you with the wise words of Dr. Seuss- “Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.”
cropped sequinned jacket-armani exchange,black high waisted skirt-asos,pink polka dotted top-pleasure doing business, patent leather oversized pink clutch- steve madden, salmon pink t-strap stilletoes-nine west.