Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts,but i've had a terribly stressful week, what with college submissions playing spoil-sport. Exhibit A,I slept for only an hour and a half yesterday! But any how enough about the sorry ass excuse for a life I have come to have of late,and onto something juicier(read: semi interesting). Don't you all just love colour?I mean who does'nt love a red Valentino, a neon pink Manish Arora or even a pale pink Rodarte' for that matter! For us personally, colour can instantly lift our spirits, and can make even the most stressful of weeks pass by like a breeze!

Here at 'The Sartorial Diary' , colour completes us. It is the wind beneath our wings!

graphic tee-zara, blue rimmed wayfarers-zara, black pants- benetton, copper sneakers-zara, owl bag- forever 21.

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And now for some Glee goodness.FYI: We prefer this version to Cee Lo Green's.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Your love's a pony,My love's subliminal

Here at Sartorial Diary,we're mad for leo(leopard print for those of you not in the know).We love it in every size,shape and form - to prove our allegiance to it we recently bought leo print socks,yes you heard us right-socks!!There was a time when leopard print was the sole domain of Roberto Cavalli and Shilpa Shetty(Indian actress who can give Joan Collins a run for her money,when it comes to dressing like a vamp),but today,in it's pop art avatar(think blown out of proportion and in varied colours such as purple,pink and turqoise),it's become more accessible(read:wearable),and we can't seem to get enough of it!

Here co-blogger H shows you just how it's done!

leopard print high waisted skirt-zara,black flowy vest-thrifted,white tank top-zara,wedge platforms-forever21,'casette' necklace-aldo accessories,ring-aldo accessories,sling bag-thrifted.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Retro Renegade

Ok so I am back with another shoot of sorts.This one was actually a part of a college assignment wherein my friend had to style and photograph me according to a certain theme(the theme being retro incase you did'nt already figure that out looking at the pictures)!So like I said,my friend A was supposed to have styled me,but being the lazy bum that she is and the obsessive perfectionist(haha I can't even say that with a straightface-I am as lazy, if not more than my friend,although I do get slightly obsessive when it comes to things that I love doing!),I ended up styling myself and also played creative director(yes I do infact realize that this ain't no glitzy magazine shoot,but a boy can dream right?also get ready to get sucker-punched if you burst my little bubble :P).The inspiration was Ryan O' Neal's preppy ivy league style in 'Love Story',and hence the perfect opportunity to test drive this vintage 'man-bag'(?) that my aunt gave me.

blazer-vintage,red sweater-thrifted,white tee-zara,striped muffler-dad's,camel coloured pants-zara,copper sneakers-zara.

The pictures were taken at Hauz Khas Village,which is a must must visit incase you're ever in Delhi.It's a charming little market which houses quirky designer stores,artsy bistros(TLR has the best caesar salad ever!EVER!),vintage-y furniture stores,alternative bookstores and offers the best view of the lake at Deer Park.Like I said,a must visit!(and no,I have not been payed by them to say so!! :p)

Adding to the "retro-ness" of the post, Chace Crawford(on the cover of V-Man magazine)sitting pretty next to my copper Zara sneakers!

I love how shiny they are!!

And i'll also share with you the pictures that I took.The theme was 'bohemian', and the model(haha) is off-course my gorgeous friend A.

faux fur gilet-DIR 69,floral headband-aldo accessories,sling bag-zara,black skinnies-FCUK.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dog Day Afternoon

Ok so a little over a week has passed since my last post,and a few things of(sartorial) importance have taken place since.Designers took centrestage at the Oscars,what with Natalie Portman thanking the Mulleavy sisters and Colin Firth thanking close 'buddy' Tom Ford in their respective acceptance speeches,and designer extra-ordinaire John Galliano falling from grace(and how) following his anti-sematic rant at a night-club(tch tch).But apart from these 'incidents',it has been a happy week for me.

Firstly,I discovered the game of foosball at a Puma event on saturday night(well I knew what it was having seen it being the cause of contention on many a occasion on 'FRIENDS'),but did'nt quite know how much fun it could be.I mean seriously,being non-athletic(and that's putting it lightly),I think this is the most fun i've had at sports/sport like activity.

Also,you know how some people have kooky aunts(the types who collect cats,art,etc.).Well I have a kooky cousin,not so much kooky as artsy.Well,she came down to Delhi for the weekend,and being the spendaholic that she is, spent a bomb at Amprapali and then went on a mad-cap high street shopping spree.Considering how much I love to shop/shop for others/force them into buying what I think would look good on them,let's just say it was a saturday afternoon well spent!

that would be one of the gorgeous amrapali 'flower' bracelets she bought.

loving the 'poky' installation at Khan Chacha(a Delhi institution if there ever were one!)

jacket-sicily,t-shirt-sicily,scarf-zara,pants-zara,bag-forever 21,shoes-alcott.

i lubb me owl bag!