Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's All In The Details

At a time when reality shows rule the roster and being loud(bordering on being obnoxious) gets you noticed, I really admire people who have a quiet confidence about themselves,and treat everyday acquaintances just as nicely as they would their near and dear ones.Someone wise once said, 'God is in the details' and rightly so.The way you thank the doorman when he holds the door open for you, or the way you handle a situation when things aren't exactly going your way, reveals your true qualities and the kind of person that you are.At the risk of sounding like an elitist,I would like to point out that our family and upbringing has a lot to do with it, and is what separates the nice from the not so nice.So the next time you meet someone new, don't let the hotness of their Facebook profile pictures or their fancy toys (read: Blackberrys, designer flats or any other thing that they might have bought to make up for what they lack in personality) fool you, and pay attention to the small things.

Yes I do realize that this particular post is not even remotely related to fashion , music or any other pop culture phenomenon, but I just felt like I needed to do this,get this out there in the virtual world.So with a little help from recent events(such as watching 'The Social Network'-the review for which will follow shortly-amongst a host of other incidents)I gathered the courage to share this deeply personal side of me.Wait, don't get the handkerchiefs out yet, your favourite fashion blog(the things we'll tell ourselves to keep ourselves happy :P )will be back with more light hearted frothy fashion centric posts shortly.So until next time,keeping it real.Sartorial Diary.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Colour Blocking

Ok so these pictures were a part of my street style assignment,and my sister Huma,who almost always has to serve as my guinea pig whenever i'm in the mood for styling,hairstyling et al, has been after my life to put these up.So here goes,and do let me know what you think of my styling efforts(or lack thereof).Be nice!

blazer-Promod,red mid waisted pants-Zara,white tank top-Zara,black patent leather tote-River Island,bejewelled flats-a shop in Promenade whose name i can't seem to remember,bangles-Sarojini/Goldy's Nest.

And seeing how much fun I had doing this,I am going to make this a regular feature.So until next time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Open Letter

Ok so remember I told you sometime back that Nandini Bhalla had become the editor of the Indian edition of Cosmopolitan.And wow, I am blown away by the result.She sure showed us(or rather the India Today Group) how much better Cosmopolitan can become.It really begs the question,why wasn't she hired any sooner!?I mean I love everything from the retro prom themed fashion editorial with Jacqueline Fernandez to the section which featured stylish people on the street(a theme I seem to be getting all too comfortable with).Even the pages borrowed from the international editions of Cosmo seem to be better(you will love the fashion spread featuring the boys from 'Jersey Shore').It really makes you wonder,was the previous editor trying her absolute best to come out with a shoddy magazine,considering she pretty much had the same resources at her disposal.Anywho,I commend Nandini Bhalla for the awesome transformation she has brought about in India's first fashion related magazine( or was it ELLE?).I truly commend her good taste,so much so that I too am contemplating a career in editorial work rather than fashion design(which seems to be getting the better of me).Cosmopolitan is officially my third favourite Indian fashion(or partly fashion) magazine.But don't take my word for it,go grab the October issue,which happens to be the first issue under Ms. Bhalla's editorship, and see for yourself.And incase it's a little too late for that,you always have November(the issue that is!).
Until next time.

That's the October 2010 cover btw.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Best Dressed:Fashion Week

Ok sorry for the lateness and the blurry-ness(In some pictures-yes that is what a few beers will do to you-make you lose track of the camera flash), but I'm finally posting pictures of some slightly interestingly dressed women(yes,sadly this time there were no extra ordinarily dressed people-of the female variety that is!).FYI these pictures are from day 4.

Loving the power shouldered tuxedo-esque blazer from New York based brand TT(which I mistook for Tarun Tahiliani-someone kill me now,please!)

Love how she's used colour blocking to turn her simple outfit from drab to fab(I know,I know,such cheesy-might I add pansy-cliches can be totally avoided!)

Vogue India's Junior Fashion Editor Archana Walavalkar wearing a FCUK sequinned dress and a vintage Chanel 2.55-esque bag.

These shoes are kinda nice(the neon nail paint kinda sealed the deal for me!)

Ok so when I was hoping to spot an interestingly dressed model, I kinda had a Bhawna Sharma or a Sapna Kumar in mind.But Sonalika Sahay kinda managed to get my attention with her interesting choice of outfit(I was as surprised as you are,I mean do people really expect a Sonalika Sahay to dress well?I certainly don't, but anywho)

Ok so I could'nt help but click a picture of channel [V] VJ Andy.
I mean c'mon people the man is friggin hillarious on Dare to Date, and he's kinda also dressed nicely, so there!