Monday, February 21, 2011

Everything looks better when the sun goes down

Okay so this is the first official outfit post on 'our' blog(yes you heard me right,from now on I have a co-collaborater on my blog,we'll call her H).So my inspiration behind this "look" is the grunge punk style that Taylor Momsen's character Jenny Humphrey nailed on season 2 of Gossip Girl(yes the one wherein little J decided to go all bad-ass on us).Think plaid flannel shirts,combat boots,worn out black pants/leggings,.A look Kurt Cobain would definitely be proud of!


red plaid flannel shirt-zara,white tee-h&m,black/grey skinny pants-benetton,high tops-zara,bag-bangkok(thrifted)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Intervention

THIS IS AN INTERVENTION.Riri honey of late you seem to have become obsessed with roses,and as someone who is concerned about your well being,I feel like it's my responsiblity to tell you:ENOUGH WITH THE ROSES ALREADY!I mean there's only so many times a girl can get away with wearing flowery embellishments,and you miss are pushing your luck!Also ditch the red,there are other colours to choose from you know.I get that by embracing brighter colours,you're showing to the world that you've moved on from the domestic violence incident in 2009,and are now in a happy place,but that does'nt mean everytime you step out of the house,you look like a walking billboard for your album/the florists'.

I am however liking this Dior haute couture gown on her(at the 2011 Brit Awards).How cute are those shoes??
P.S.-It's time to ditch the raven hair,which will soon have me seeing red(with anger)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Born This Way.

Ok so as you may or may not know,my first ever post was on Lady Gaga(yes,I was crazy about her back then,'back then' being the operative words).But half a year has passed since then,and as a friend pointed out today,let alone being a shrine,I haven't had a single post on her since!So I think it is only fitting for me to dedicate this post to Her Holy Gaga-ness,what with her new album coming out,and she being on the brink of world domination yet again.So in the past 6 months lots has happened,to Lady Gaga that is!...

she wore a meat dress to the VMA's,

stood up for gay rights(don't ask don't tell),

her stylist and creative director for Vogue Hommes Japan,Nicola Formichetti(the male equivalent of Anna Della Russo?), became one third of the creative team at Thierry Muggler,

was on the cover of Vanity Fair(not an easy feat!!),

got the ultimate honour in fashion,by landing on the cover of American Vogue(Anna Wintour is a tough cookie to crack),

and finally, came out with an awesome single 'Born This Way'(also the name of her new album).

Also she walked,or rather was carried by scantily clad men,on the Grammy red carpet in a faux egg.WOW,just when you thought she could'nt beat the 'meat' dress.

Ink,Pink and Everything in Between.



images courtesy:tumblr,weheartit

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring Fling

This spring summer,the biggest trend to have hit designer and high street stores alike has to be the 70's revival.Think Jodie Foster in 'Taxi Driver',or better still 70's it-girls Bianca Jagger and Liza Minneli in their flowing Halstons in Studio 54(that is if dressing down's really not you're thing).To get this look right,embrace your inner flower child and make long free-flowing sillhouettes in autumn shades your best friend!

autumn shades,flowy high waisted skirt(topshop),jewellery that'll cary you well into autumn,get inspired(by the colour story that is),halston's orange maxi,ASOS's pocket-friendly orange maxi,billowy sun hat,summer hair,colour block full length skirt(ASOS).

images courtesy:lookbook,weheartit.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Call of The Wild

Ok so all of last season,high street stores(sadly or not so sadly,the only place a mere mortal like me gets to shop from) were inundated with animal prints/animal motifs/faux fur gilets.And while being a boy,sadly I did not get to partake in this trend as much as i'd liked to(apart from a bunny printed scarf from Zara,my pocket sized allowance did'nt allow much else),here I give you a few things that were a part of every it-girl's wardrobe through fall/winter and will hopefully continue into spring.Enjoy!

bridget bardot-esque hair,owl ring,the perfect vintag'y' leopard print jacket,pixie lott,owl,holly golightly,coat,indian hat,flats,lipgloss(es),owl pendant,the coolest combat boots EVER,feline mask.

Would'nt it be awesome if you got these in Delhi?

images courtesy:tumblr,weheartit.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Talk Nerdy To Me.

Is it just me or are bespectacled girls the new gap toothed girls.Eitherway,Lara Stone and Georgia Jagger move over,and make way for the quirky nerdy girl!

yokoo,velma,abigail breslin,weheartit,lisa loeb.

brace yourself,

for the cutest thing you will see today(well maybe not THE cutest,but still)