Friday, June 25, 2010

All hail the New Queen of Pop!

Considering what a big Gaga fan I am , dedicating my first post to her was quite an obvious choice. While haters might say everything from her look to her videos have been inspired by the original 'Queen of Pop', those of us who appreciate her for her musical as well as sartorial genius will have to admit that she has single-handedly(well, maybe not single-handedly ,since all of us have at some point or the other heard stories about her 'team') managed to get out the music as well as the fashion industry from the rut it was stuck in all these years. Not since Bjork's infamous 'swan' dress at the Oscars , has the public taken so much interest in what a celebrity is wearing!It really makes you wonder , how were we surviving without her all these years!!
Above I have compiled a few of my favourite Gaga looks!!
signing off
yours truly

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