Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The new 'It' girl

Ok so I was flipping through 'Grazia' when I happened to stumble across my latest style obsession Charlotte Kemp Muhl.For those of you who are not yet familiar with this future fashion prodigy, Muhl is a model/musician and happens to be dating music legend John Lennon's son Sean.She has been wowing critics with her offbeat fashion choices(much like that other sartorial ingenue Gaga),teaming fedoras with kimonos(and blue lipstick-genius I tell you) and wearing strange Indian(the red variety) hats gifted by boyfriend dearest.She is fast gaining 'it'-girl status bringing her to power with contemporaries Daisy Lowe and Zoe Kravitz.And while we're on the subject of Grazia(undoubtedly my 3rd favourite Indian fashion magazine), you will be sad to learn that Nandini Bhalla(editor extraordinaire) has left Grazia to take over the post of editor at Cosmopolitan(ughh-now why would she do that).Actually on second thought, maybe some good might come from this move of her's, because seeing what a wonderful job she did at Grazia, she might just be able to pull out Cosmo from the dump it is in currently and give it a much needed face lift.And at this point, like always, I am tempted to mention the fact that Nandini Bhalla and I happen to be from the same alma mater(so maybe great things are destined for me too?).Peace out, until next time.

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