Friday, September 10, 2010

What Were They thinking?

Eeeesh.What was she thinking?!There is no way in hell that Jessica Alba can pull off the mini gown with long sweeping train look that seems to have swept over Hollywood.If the gorgeous January Jones could'nt do justice to this look at the Emmys, what makes Mrs. Cash Warren think she can?From the hair to the sagging boobs(that's what motherhood'll do to you),this look has disaster written all over it.Next!

Its about time that Katy Perry ditched the whole pin up look,especially if it means she's going to parade around in cheap tarty excuses for clothes.I mean c'mon Katy, you can do better,so much better.Everything from her hideous polka dotted wrap dress to the heels(which would've been perfect had it not been for those fug straps) make her look like Betty Boop on a bad day.And don't even get me started on that tacky hair colour.Katy honey if you can upgrade boyfriends(from unstable mess Travis McCoy to the charmingly funny Russel Brand), you can most certainly upgrade your wardrobe too!

Not like Leah Michelle's my style icon or something, nor am I particularly fond of her sartorial sense, but c'mon, you gotta feel bad for a girl who looks like something that the ruffle monster threw up on the biggest night for tv actors.Much like her alter ego Rachel Berry, the girl is working her butt off to gain it girl status,what with the newly slim figure and bangin bangs(I know,I know that cheesy adjective could've been avoided, but c'mon people mistakes happen)and it all comes undone with one bad fashion choice and that too on the biggest night on tv.Tch tch.However gleeks need not feel bad, as she can still redeem herself as soon as she sacks the buffoon she calls her stylist and books an appointment with Ms. Zoe,pronto.

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