Friday, January 14, 2011

Pretty Girl Rock

This is one helluva make-over if there ever were one.W magazine provides us with the first look at David Fincher's much hyped 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' adaptation and the images which show Rooney Mara(who is poised for stardom having bagged the title role) as a bad-ass brunette are nothing short of spectacular.The fresh faced Mara is unrecognizable, having gotten her lip,eye-brow,nose and nipple pierced to play the coveted role of Lisbeth Salander (ouch!that's gotta hurt :s).The movie's only gonna be out early next year,but going by the first look,I for one cannot wait!

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Mara(left) before the make-over(under?),at a premiere with equally gorgeous sister Kate.


  1. I saw her in "The social network" and couldn't believe her transformation for the cover. Really excited to see how the book translates into a movie.

  2. yup.considering david"social network" fincher is directing it,it can't be anything short of terrific!

  3. i just read the trilogy n its amaizn! hoping that teh movie will be equally good. its not just a book,, its a drug. once i got hold ot it, i cudnt think straight n do anything except read that goddamn book. quite a thriller n i like the underlying social issue it addresses.esp about women. and lisbeth.what can i say.quite a feminist n very complex but quite lovable!

  4. like i said,can't wait to watch it!!