Friday, July 22, 2011

Pretty Reckless

The post title is a nod to my current favourite band that goes by the same name.It's fronted by Little J herself, Taylor Momsen, whose sartorial outings on Gossip Girl are totally lust-worthy. Talking of good girls gone bad,there's something to be said of girls who let their wild streaks get the better of them!I mean i'm all for women's lib and girls not being reduced to the stereotypical role that society expects from them and am a firm believer in the saying, 'people need dramatic examples to shake them out of their apathy', but in light of recent movies such as 'Bad Teacher' and 'Easy A' wherein the heroines are far from saintly and the Casey Anthony trial, I have to say that acting reckless and selling your soul to the devil isn'nt really worth the 60 minutes of fame, let alone 15.So let the acts be dramatic, but not to the extent where you find it difficult, to not only live down the incident, but also to live with yourself!
silver bomber jacket-topshop, black high waisted skirt-asos, white top- marks & spencer, bag-river island, lace up booties- london.


  1. Nice the outfit and I also like that band very much

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  2. Hi hi! Thanks for your comment. I love this outfit, very badass. and I LOVE your nose ring. I had one but had to take it out for work. :(

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  3. sweet post full of good thoughts. :) i'm loving your photography of late!

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  5. great post, i love this outfit!

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  8. What a great post and you're right it is so sad what people will do for a little fame. I think it's really horrible and this outfit is stunning.

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  9. I agree with you completely! Lovely pictures! I love your jacket!

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  10. linda foto, aunque no se ve completa

  11. gorgeous outfit! i love these boots and your style is amazing =)

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  12. Thank you very much :) kisses from portugal
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  14. Loving the photography and your look as well. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great week.

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  15. Very nice advice!
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  16. Amazing,los botines me encantan :)

  17. love your outfit, head to toe! you look gorgeous!
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  18. great photographs!
    lovely style :)