Friday, October 28, 2011

WIFW SS-2012 Roundup

They say as you grow older, you get a better insight into your self, and the thing I've realized about myself is that i'm a fiercely competitive person. I like to call it the 'shiny new toy' syndrome wherein I get obsessed with something and go all out to get it, and after having gotten it, I get bored and move onto the next thing. Now I know that this is not a very nice quality to possess, but I am only human, and am trying to overcome this vice, and I'm sure that with age I will surely get over it. Now I do realise my loyal readers are not my therapists, hence I will stop with the ranting and rambling, and save that for an actual shrink. Not to say that I treat my blog like a ''shiny new toy', but yes in the recent past I did get a little too pre-occupied with the mad dash to get more followers and web-hits, actions that in retrospect seem totally uncharacteristic and quite honestly immature. I don't know why I felt the need to compete in the first place, cos quite honestly, I blog because I love doing it, and feel like it will serve as a learning curve for ultimately building a career in fashion journalism and design.

So recently I got to go for the spring-summer 2012 editon of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, and thanks to my friend Nayantara(who was nice enough to lend me her DSLR) I unleashed my inner shutterbug and went clickity clack clack(sounds that a camera makes, just incase i lost you there).

Arclights: A full house at the Rahul Misra show
trippy awesomeness
Mallu striking a pose(not quite)
shoes, that i need in my life.

Nainika, of Gauri and Nainika, at her stall.
Sailex chilling in between shows at Rimzim Dadu's stall. Notice the surface detail on the sleeveless jacket? well that happens to be potpourri. ingenious no?

my German pattern making teacher Maya Keischgens
model Tinu Verghese strutting her stuff.

I do realise that my posts have been terribly sporadic of late, but college and other important matters keep me tied up. I will however assure you (like I aways do after every post) that i'll try and be more regular. Peace out!