Thursday, October 28, 2010

Street Fashion:Reloaded

Ok so rememeber the street fashion assignment I was supposed to do as a part of college?Well instead of shooting 'real' people on the streets, I decided to have a little faux photo shoot with my friends,and the nice person that I am(ahem),I'm sharing the results(which were way awesome btw) with all 7 of you(now how exactly do I go about getting more followers :P)

Rukmini and her new Burberry flats,sitting pretty next to her Juicy Couture carry-bag(which in my opinion is just as nice as the blue bag that came inside it)!

Girls just want to have fun?a little too much (drunken) fun if you ask me.Mallu/Aditi in her new found hotness!
black suede wedge peep toes-Aldo
grey peep toes with bow detail-Zara

Dressing up can be so much fun, haina?
'Aisha' eat your heart out!

Safari chic anyone?
Mallu channeling her inner bohemian.

I styled the shoot, and shot a few of the pictures with Rukmini Kapoor(future creative genius I tell you).
More pictures from the shoot to follow shortly.Until next time.

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