Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dog Day Afternoon

Ok so a little over a week has passed since my last post,and a few things of(sartorial) importance have taken place since.Designers took centrestage at the Oscars,what with Natalie Portman thanking the Mulleavy sisters and Colin Firth thanking close 'buddy' Tom Ford in their respective acceptance speeches,and designer extra-ordinaire John Galliano falling from grace(and how) following his anti-sematic rant at a night-club(tch tch).But apart from these 'incidents',it has been a happy week for me.

Firstly,I discovered the game of foosball at a Puma event on saturday night(well I knew what it was having seen it being the cause of contention on many a occasion on 'FRIENDS'),but did'nt quite know how much fun it could be.I mean seriously,being non-athletic(and that's putting it lightly),I think this is the most fun i've had at sports/sport like activity.

Also,you know how some people have kooky aunts(the types who collect cats,art,etc.).Well I have a kooky cousin,not so much kooky as artsy.Well,she came down to Delhi for the weekend,and being the spendaholic that she is, spent a bomb at Amprapali and then went on a mad-cap high street shopping spree.Considering how much I love to shop/shop for others/force them into buying what I think would look good on them,let's just say it was a saturday afternoon well spent!

that would be one of the gorgeous amrapali 'flower' bracelets she bought.

loving the 'poky' installation at Khan Chacha(a Delhi institution if there ever were one!)

jacket-sicily,t-shirt-sicily,scarf-zara,pants-zara,bag-forever 21,shoes-alcott.

i lubb me owl bag!


  1. Absolutely love the jewelery! :) And your bag is hot!:)

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  2. Seriously, you have great kicks. I love shoes and like how you highlight them on you posts.

  3. The jewellery is gorgeous!
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  4. goodness! i lubb the owl bag too! and i luuuubbbb!!!! amrapali. amrapali is my soulmate shop. :D

  5. I die every time I walk into Amrapali. Ever. Single. Time. Damn I need to get some cousins like yours.
    And Foosball is the shit, I spent all of my freshman year in college playing foosball. I was like addicted.
    Owls are always awezim.

  6. Love the ring and bracelet. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  7. Love ur bag and the bracelet. Isnt it so much fun to spend money:-)

  8. sounds like a fun weekend with your cousin. i love your owl bag too! also, you look very nice.

  9. gorgeous jewelry!! sounds like a fun weekend!


  10. i love your blog!these photo are cute!!
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    i'd be very happy!

  11. Thanks for the blog comment!

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  12. Yeah sucky thing with Galliano... Foosball is too fun haha and I'm really digging your ring. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  13. Look at that bracelet... I LOVE! I LOVE!

    Happy Thursday Dear! xo

    Have you entered the perfume GIVEAWAY yet?

  14. I love all the obscure shots of different things in Dehli. Its awesome to see more international bloggers! I always end up seeing just tourist shots of India and there is so much more to be seen!!

    I love your look and style. Your owl tote is very cute :) and the scarf you got from Italy. I want to go shopping with you. Your cousin's stacked bracelets, the flower one is gorgeous.

    Lets be friends! <3 <3
    - Sarah

  15. thanks for the birthday wishes and for checking out my blog! following you now =)

  16. Yeah, it has been an interesting week for designers!! Absolutely love your outfit, especially the scarf!

  17. looks lovely, the bracelet
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    sweets from Bali,

  18. Great post, lovely bracelet!

  19. love your look and your amazing bag!

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  20. Nice bracelet!

  21. L.O.V.E. your shoes, even if they are for a boy, I would wear them in some comfortable outfit. really like them, use them everytime you can :-)
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    Anna, from ITALY!!!

  22. Yay to Khan Chacha!! Absolutely love that place.
    And that bracelet is really pretty.


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  24. Your blog is tres AMAZING!
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  25. I really like you blog, it's great!!!
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  26. I'm crazy about your owl bag!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  27. i've been thinking of amrapali so much! its all your fault! :)

  28. Loved the whole outfit
    The bracelet in particular :)
    And you're from delhi right?
    Lucky bunch,forever21 is right there! :|

  29. I love your blog :) Thanks so much for commenting on mine. I'm a new follower of yours.

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  30. Love the watch!! So nice.

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  31. thanks a tonne for the lovely comments :)

  32. the owl bag is so cute and love the bracelet

  33. lovely bag!!!