Monday, November 1, 2010

Best Dressed:Fashion Week

Ok sorry for the lateness and the blurry-ness(In some pictures-yes that is what a few beers will do to you-make you lose track of the camera flash), but I'm finally posting pictures of some slightly interestingly dressed women(yes,sadly this time there were no extra ordinarily dressed people-of the female variety that is!).FYI these pictures are from day 4.

Loving the power shouldered tuxedo-esque blazer from New York based brand TT(which I mistook for Tarun Tahiliani-someone kill me now,please!)

Love how she's used colour blocking to turn her simple outfit from drab to fab(I know,I know,such cheesy-might I add pansy-cliches can be totally avoided!)

Vogue India's Junior Fashion Editor Archana Walavalkar wearing a FCUK sequinned dress and a vintage Chanel 2.55-esque bag.

These shoes are kinda nice(the neon nail paint kinda sealed the deal for me!)

Ok so when I was hoping to spot an interestingly dressed model, I kinda had a Bhawna Sharma or a Sapna Kumar in mind.But Sonalika Sahay kinda managed to get my attention with her interesting choice of outfit(I was as surprised as you are,I mean do people really expect a Sonalika Sahay to dress well?I certainly don't, but anywho)

Ok so I could'nt help but click a picture of channel [V] VJ Andy.
I mean c'mon people the man is friggin hillarious on Dare to Date, and he's kinda also dressed nicely, so there!


  1. Isn't the first one the blogger from Flab Bab? I like her style - very chic, especially for her age!

  2. yup.did'nt know at the time though.
    i like how she keeps things simple,yet manages to look way awesome!