Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's All In The Details

At a time when reality shows rule the roster and being loud(bordering on being obnoxious) gets you noticed, I really admire people who have a quiet confidence about themselves,and treat everyday acquaintances just as nicely as they would their near and dear ones.Someone wise once said, 'God is in the details' and rightly so.The way you thank the doorman when he holds the door open for you, or the way you handle a situation when things aren't exactly going your way, reveals your true qualities and the kind of person that you are.At the risk of sounding like an elitist,I would like to point out that our family and upbringing has a lot to do with it, and is what separates the nice from the not so nice.So the next time you meet someone new, don't let the hotness of their Facebook profile pictures or their fancy toys (read: Blackberrys, designer flats or any other thing that they might have bought to make up for what they lack in personality) fool you, and pay attention to the small things.

Yes I do realize that this particular post is not even remotely related to fashion , music or any other pop culture phenomenon, but I just felt like I needed to do this,get this out there in the virtual world.So with a little help from recent events(such as watching 'The Social Network'-the review for which will follow shortly-amongst a host of other incidents)I gathered the courage to share this deeply personal side of me.Wait, don't get the handkerchiefs out yet, your favourite fashion blog(the things we'll tell ourselves to keep ourselves happy :P )will be back with more light hearted frothy fashion centric posts shortly.So until next time,keeping it real.Sartorial Diary.


  1. Spot on. Richest is the person who donates kindness, love and respect to others! Money, materialistic assets etc should not define a human being. At the end of the day we just a sum total of the impressions we leave behind for the world to remember. It is the small things that matter n that is so true.

  2. I know.
    It's like all of us know that,but we need to keep getting reminded of it from time to time.
    Reminders in the form of certain incidents such as losing a loved one or a really good friend.
    Such incidents even though really heartbreaking,keep us grounded.

  3. This is very true and very well put. At the end of the day only the small things matter and they dont come with any material tag. Some deep stuff there!! :)

  4. haha thanks a tonne sanjana.
    and more such posts just for u(and dizzie lizzie).
    so there,feel kicked :P