Monday, November 15, 2010

Colour Blocking

Ok so these pictures were a part of my street style assignment,and my sister Huma,who almost always has to serve as my guinea pig whenever i'm in the mood for styling,hairstyling et al, has been after my life to put these up.So here goes,and do let me know what you think of my styling efforts(or lack thereof).Be nice!

blazer-Promod,red mid waisted pants-Zara,white tank top-Zara,black patent leather tote-River Island,bejewelled flats-a shop in Promenade whose name i can't seem to remember,bangles-Sarojini/Goldy's Nest.

And seeing how much fun I had doing this,I am going to make this a regular feature.So until next time.


  1. u might not blv it but great styling!loved the easy n chic! nonetheless!

  2. haha thanks!!
    btw i can't get enough of your styling efforts on your blog!!

  3. This outfit is so effortlessly chic. LOVED the styling! Goodd job :)