Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My minds all screwed and upside down

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Before you start jumping to conclusions and think I have emo tendencies(which I might),today was a bum of a day I woke up late,missed my first class,reached college at one o'clock.I could have attended my second pattern making class but instead I chose to bunk it and blog instead.WOW,I quite obviously have my priorities right,no?It's funny how i've been dying to do fashion designing my entire life and now when I finally get the chance to do it,the very thought of attending class makes me shudder.Well,in all fairness the AWESOME(note the sarcasm) teacher might have something to do with it.But still,doing something that you're supposed to love should'nt seem like such a chore.

To add to my misery,it's not like I can drop out and blog professionally.I mean,for starters there are a gazillion other good bloggers out there and secondly i'm guessing it would'nt pay much(I kid).Aarghh why does life have to be such a pain,actually why does Tuesday have to be such a pain,cos quite honestly I enjoy every other day of the week(classes wise).So anywho,while I try to figure out a way to brighten my day,you can do your bit and follow my blog(there,I said it,a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do)because that will most definitely bring a smile to my face(WOW just when I thought I could'nt get any cornier).Until next time.


Katie Rose-Overdrive


  1. some days are like that:-) and you are right, there are very few blogs that make money!!

  2. thankfully today is wednesday,and i shall be HAPPY,well atleast for another week :P

  3. trust education to suck the joy out of everything we love! I may have been a famous film-maker by now but I had to go try to study it! Drat!

    Don't give up though.

  4. thanks!!
    that really means a lot.
    and no,don't worry,i won't give up.and like a friend recently said,'don't let one bitch teacher ruin your mood'.so i won't.

  5. i don't know how to talk to people. OYEAH! i can get that written on my arm lol.

    and true, everyone seems normal until u get to know them. :)

    happy tuesdays to you~