Thursday, February 3, 2011

Je t'aime

Spring Summer Ad Campaigns I heart!

Quintessential British brand Mulberry makes ample use of it's Anglo roots in this ad which brings to mind an image of the whimsical English country-side.

Film Noir seems to be a recurring inspiration point for spring summer,with these runway crooners channeling their inner femme fatales.

It's good to see the usually uptight Chanel loosen up a little(even if it means the light-heartedness applies only to the ad and not the clothes).Karl Lagerfeld's boytoy,Baptiste Giabiconi also makes an appearance.

Ok so Bottega Veneta was clearly inspired by Hitchcokian classics,what else would explain the uncanny resemblance the following two shots have to 'The Birds' and 'North by Northwest'?


  1. Love the pics other than the Gucci one which really looks ridiculous:-)

  2. @bollywood style diaries..haha now that u mention it,it does look a tad bit cheesy!colour