Monday, February 14, 2011

Born This Way.

Ok so as you may or may not know,my first ever post was on Lady Gaga(yes,I was crazy about her back then,'back then' being the operative words).But half a year has passed since then,and as a friend pointed out today,let alone being a shrine,I haven't had a single post on her since!So I think it is only fitting for me to dedicate this post to Her Holy Gaga-ness,what with her new album coming out,and she being on the brink of world domination yet again.So in the past 6 months lots has happened,to Lady Gaga that is!...

she wore a meat dress to the VMA's,

stood up for gay rights(don't ask don't tell),

her stylist and creative director for Vogue Hommes Japan,Nicola Formichetti(the male equivalent of Anna Della Russo?), became one third of the creative team at Thierry Muggler,

was on the cover of Vanity Fair(not an easy feat!!),

got the ultimate honour in fashion,by landing on the cover of American Vogue(Anna Wintour is a tough cookie to crack),

and finally, came out with an awesome single 'Born This Way'(also the name of her new album).

Also she walked,or rather was carried by scantily clad men,on the Grammy red carpet in a faux egg.WOW,just when you thought she could'nt beat the 'meat' dress.


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  2. @bollywoodstylediaries..she truly is!
    @the creative mix....hey!will do.

  3. She's quite the star!
    And I'd like to believe that the egg was more an alien pod sent to our planet. Haha

  4. I wonder what PETA has to say about the meat dress!

    you gotta give it up to her creative team for coming up with such wonderfully zany ideas,and to her(gaga) for actually having the balls to go ahead with them.
    @Dizzy Lizzie...haha,PETA must've had a field day with this!

  6. i really liked her look on vanity fair. she looks quite nice with silverish hair

  7. Crazy girl, but i love crazy and freaky girls

    thanks for the comment

  8. I love seeing whatever she'll come up with next. Its refreshing when so many people take fashion too seriously, to see her just going crazy!
    Loving the blog btw :)

  9. must be exhausting mentally, constantly trying to out do yourself.
    she continues to amaze me x

  10. Wow lady gaga is so unique! I love how she isnt afraid to be herself.

    I am officially following your blog =)..
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    Grande Jewelry

    Hope to see some comments from you =)

  11. Thank you for the comment on my blog :)

    I LOVE Lady Gaga, by the way. Born This Way is just amazing. I already learnt the whole dancing! :)


  12. Lady Gaga is awesome!