Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Intervention

THIS IS AN INTERVENTION.Riri honey of late you seem to have become obsessed with roses,and as someone who is concerned about your well being,I feel like it's my responsiblity to tell you:ENOUGH WITH THE ROSES ALREADY!I mean there's only so many times a girl can get away with wearing flowery embellishments,and you miss are pushing your luck!Also ditch the red,there are other colours to choose from you know.I get that by embracing brighter colours,you're showing to the world that you've moved on from the domestic violence incident in 2009,and are now in a happy place,but that does'nt mean everytime you step out of the house,you look like a walking billboard for your album/the florists'.

I am however liking this Dior haute couture gown on her(at the 2011 Brit Awards).How cute are those shoes??
P.S.-It's time to ditch the raven hair,which will soon have me seeing red(with anger)


  1. Haha :) I've never really noticed that she has a rose obsession. It doesn't really bother me, I don't really like her red hair though.

  2. LOL elle a des periodes avant c'etait genre le cuir clous -rock je sais pas quoi la

  3. The Dior gown is nice, righttttt?
    Other blogs dissed it but I think it's way cute!
    The shoes are too match-ey, though.
    I adore the deconstructed lime bow!

  4. Love her!!

  5. I like her songs but of late, I haven't been having the best feelings about her sense of style!
    I don't know about the Dior gown on her as well.

  6. ADORE your blog but this by far is my faourite! Rihanna is one of my biggest style icons :)